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A common collocation is to pay lip service to something.

People often pay lip service to something that they personally disagree with, but that they believe other people support. This allows them to look good to others, while not actively engaging in an activity they disapprove of. In the dialogue below, two friends are talking about a problem one of them is having at work.

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One of my bosses always compliments me in meetings and talks about how much he approves of my ideas. However, whenever we are alone he tries to do everything in his power to undermine me. Maggie: Maybe he knows that everyone else in the company likes your ideas and likes you, so he pays lip service to you in order to appear to like you as well.

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Then, when he knows no one else will see, he tries to get you to fail. Ezekiel: That could be true. Swipe it on and pucker up. Register Log in.

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