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Fun to read aloud, each character is introduced with an enchanting rhyme which is accompanied by vibrant, colourful illustrations. The eccentric and absent-minded Professor Dupont is the proud but worried owner of ten cockatoos.

This pacey illustrated chapter book for confident young readers highlights the importance of friendship and remaining true to yourself. With brainteasers to solve throughout, it will particularly appeal to those with an interest in maths, puzzles and codes. This ambitious debut is set in , but in an alternative history - almost steampunk - with clockwork servants, silver airships and mechanical animals. Expect thrills and mystery, but also some deep messages about what it is to live and be happy.

Colin is a carrot, and Lee is a pea. An amusing and deceptively simple look at friendship and difference, this is a lovely book for young readers. Colin the carthorse has lived a happy, if predictable, life on the same farm for many years. He works hard, eats plenty of tasty hay and turns it into the very best manure which can be spread on the fields and produce the most delicious crops.

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Key statistics, facts and flags for every country of the world are included in the introductory section giving readers quick access to essential facts. Where is Libya? How big is Japan?

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Where is that Olympic gold medallist from? Children can find the answers here. This drawing and colouring book is a very gentle way to encourage children to work through their worries and let go of stress. It also happens to be a lot of fun. Author: Pantone Inc Publisher: Abramsappleseed. An interactive and fun way to teach young children about colours and vehicles - and learn new vocabulary.

A young girl and boy play in the countryside, finding ladybirds and butterflies, birds and flowers, before sitting down for a nice picnic. Finally, after a lovely day spotting animals, they sit down beside the river and gaze up at a wonderful rainbow. Captivating and vibrant illustrations complement the lyrical text in this joyous, inclusive story by celebrated poet John Agard.

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Perfect for reading aloud at bedtime, this book celebrates childhood and the natural world in all its rich diversity. An unflinching examination of love, loss and sibling intimacy, which is both brutal and compelling. This latest anthology is a complete mixture: from the fun and energetic to the dreamy and ethereal. With stylish and witty endpapers of Boots's feverish imagination at work, this is a delightful new addition to Kitamura's growing canon of cat literature.

Author: Oscar Wilde Publisher: Penguin. Fairy tales, ghost stories, detective fiction and comedies of manners; the stories collected in this volume made Oscar Wilde's name as a writer of fiction. Author: Matt Brown Publisher: Usborne. TV presenter Matt Brown's bonkers debut plays with form and timelines almost to the brink of confusion.

It will take a fairly sophisticated reader to keep up! Author: Malorie Blackman Publisher: Scholastic. When Jade starts to receive e-mail messages from her father two months after his death, she clings to the idea that he is watching over her. Author: William Sutcliffe Publisher: Bloomsbury. Written as if it is a memoir by 'Jacques Papier', this short chapter book is the story of a child's imaginary friend - from the imaginary friend's viewpoint.

Philosophical, sad and slightly bizarre. This futuristic fantasy blossoms into a multi-layered, nerve-jangling explosion of intrigue, deception and chilling ambition. This book radiates with relentless excitement and a sense of danger that pulses off every page.

Anne Ravenhall is just trying to get through her exams at boarding school - until a mysterious aunt leaves her a mysterious locket. Soon, she's caught up in a roaring supernatural adventure A Victorian funeral parlour is the setting for this exciting mystery that blends comedy with the dark, spooky and supernatural. The animals are building a house: they need dump trucks, hydraulic drills, cement mixers and much, much more. This is sure to be a hit with vehicle-obsessed children! Imagine a future where physical contact between humans is illegal.

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No hand holding and no hugs to make you feel better when you're feeling sad. This is the first book in a trilogy from the bestselling author of the Summoner series. Plenty of gore, and nail-biting jeopardy punctuate a mystery adventure that has many elements of a video game, so will appeal to gamers as well as lovers of fantasy fiction. This is a scary and compelling read. Brilliantly written and full of suspense, it also has romance, friendship and some intriguing history.

A definite page turner! Dark themes of domestic abuse and self-esteem are sensitively tackled in this redemptive tale of biscuits and rabbits. This captivating reference guide to the natural world contains just the right amount of material to inform and educate, but not overwhelm the reader.

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Create an account. Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google. Previous Share Next. Fairy Tale rewrites - sorted by series or author I've always been an avid reader. Growing up with fairy tales and myths, I totally love rewrites of fairy tales as novels. When I first started looking for such rewrites like 20 years ago, there were just a very few of them available. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser.

Part One in a two-part special series from The Dark Woods. Part Two, Cindermaid, is also available. Homely, awkward farmboy Jode Lintwich has always longed for adventure and greatness: two things which can't be had in his humble village and which don't happen often to anyone like himself.

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But desperation can change anyone's destiny-and Jode is desperate enough to try. A visit to a local witch, a few coins, and an inadvertent promise transforms Jode into something beyond his wildest imaginings; and also causes him to be cast out of his own village for good. A wanderer turned loose in the world, Jode must learn the truth about the magic upon him and embrace a destiny greater than any ever before conceived by his mind. If he wants to survive, he must find the one key to his ultimate happiness and escape the danger inflicted upon him by the two-sided coin of the witch's magic.

From a pirate ship to the sands of the desert, from a mercenary knight to a monarch's deceptive pawn, the adventures of Jode-turned-Handsome-Jack are as a varied as his namesake's tales Book One of Briggs and Steinbrenner's retelling of Cinderella spins a tale of multiple threads as varied as their characters' fates: an awkward boy spun into a hero by magic, an unhappy orphan girl languishing in a house filled with secrets, a homely witch of unexpected powers and a coldblooded noblewoman of mysterious past.

A tale of magic makers and fortune tellers, of con artists and criminals, bandits and sultans, artists and peasants, servants and monarchs, all bound by the common thread of one boy's existence. She writes under various other names and has been a ghost writer for other novelists.

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