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Figures and Tables. Citations Publications citing this paper.

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An ear for pitch: On the effects of experience and aptitude in processing pitch in language and music Salomi S. Halpern , Amir-Homayoun Javadi.

Speech versus song: multiple pitch-sensitive areas revealed by a naturally occurring musical illusion. References Publications referenced by this paper.

The song system of the human brain. Steven Brown , Michael J. Martinez , Donald A. Hodges , Peter T. Go to iTunes Continue to Web Version. A popular class breaks down how our brains respond to music. How the Brain Responds to Music. Explore Click on the region of the brain to the right to learn more about how it effects your perception of music.

A Functional MRI Study of Happy and Sad Emotions in Music with and without Lyrics

Hippocampus What Produces and retrieves memories, regulates emotional responses and helps us navigate. Have you ever thought about how many songs with brain in the title have been written? This list ranks the best songs with brain in the name, regardless of their genre.

Many of the tracks listed are songs about brains, but just because that word is in the title doesn't mean that the song's subject is exclusively about that.

Similar cerebral networks in language, music and song perception - Semantic Scholar

If your favorite song with brain in the title isn't listed, feel free to add it to the list so others can also vote it up. Songs with brain in the lyrics are fair game too. Brain Damage Pink Floyd.

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Maggot Brain Funkadelic. Bad Brain Ramones.