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A baby is suddenly born and grows bigger and keeps changing with time and then gets old and dies and disappears.

Elaine Cannon

So the life that was in the baby that enabled it to grow up and change must come from a higher dimension. But life is a spirit. This life must be within the time dimension because every person only lives so log and then dies. The spirit of a dead person is called a ghost. The ghosts of the unsaved dead people are held in prison until judgement day. Thus ghosts are also subject to the time dimension.

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Scientists have no physical proof of a fifth dimension. To contact the fourth-dimension of "time" we had partly to start looking inwards to see the effects of time on our thinking. Time drags slowly when we are bored. Scientists also had to adjust the clocks on the GPS satellites as their speed affected their time settings. So the edge of time is partly physical since time slows down at high speeds and time is also partly spiritual as excitement seems to make time go faster.

Excitement is a spiritual quantity that exists in our minds. The spiritualist's knowledge of good and evil. The realm of unsaved ghosts, demonology, new age channels, and fortune telling.

Overlapping in Life Line Gives some Physical Problems

Ideas, both good and bad, circulate in this dimension and can be contacted by our human brains. But what is totally within us? Our human spirit. Our mind. Our ability to think. Our thoughts. It is thus subject to the time dimension. Books also enable us to explore new insights and different ways of thinking. Mind over matter represents the power of focused thought to overcome physical challenges. An incredible example of this is Professor Steven Hawking who deteriorated physically through disease but instead of dying, somehow survived in a wheelchair by sheer incredible will power over many decades.

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He moves very freely mentally through the vast realm of abstract scientific thought that is a closed door to most of us. This dimension involves the "tree" or spirit of good and evil. Hawking has learned much by plucking many high-up fruits of science knowledge, yet sadly he was unable to learn that Jesus is his Saviour.

This fourth dimension boasts high class knowledge, but is also a dark abyss of deception. It is an endless maze that takes us on a delusional journey to nowhere. This time dimension relies on self. Self confidence.

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Self motivation. Self benefits.

Self esteem. Self gain. My talents and abilities. My works and my efforts. Self praise. Thus we need an even higher dimension, free from our human opinions, to show us the way. Faith in Jesus, not faith in self. Whoever came up with these ideas is thinking far, far above our human mental level. He commands our attention by the sheer difference of His thinking. This is Someone Who needs to be taken seriously. But most importantly, in their desire to spread Bible truth. Mother Theresa, the Roman Catholic nun in Calcutta, was a shining example of human charity as she nursed and helped the homeless, the helpless and the terminally ill.

By thinking of myself less I become more free to think of others and be of help to them.

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That is a surer path to happiness, which makes life's journey more worthwhile. All the products of human thinking. Very impressive were the stoic philosophers who learned to accept difficulty, disaster, and defeat without complaint.

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Their iron self-control over their emotions was and still is a great example in our depression-afflicted age. These are just a few examples of the good side of our human nature that moves in the fourth-dimension. But, do not forget, we come from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Their influence on our thinking results in war, crime, theft, murder, lies, and all the other abuses that human nature indulges in. So the fourth-dimension, a source of much heroic human endeavor, is also a realm of corruption and pollution. The ugly face of capitalism buys politicians, and tramples on the will of the people.

All too many end up involved in research for the military-industrial complex, whereby the advance of science has added many terrors to warfare. Very little is left over for "good" or beneficial research. Social Darwinists evolved from Darwin's evolutionary theory of the survival of the fittest. They claimed that only the strongest nations were fit to survive.

The Europeans invented the machine gun, which did not make them better people, just more destructive. By strongest nation they meant the ones with the most armaments and industrial strength. That launched our catastrophic twentieth century. This is the dismal wreckage caused by the application of scientific research to advanced technology. So the best of scientists can be corrupted in the name of the nation-state so that their research can be bent towards mass murder just as easily as it can be bent towards the progress of humankind.

It all depends on what the funders who supply the money want. And most of the funds come from the military. Enough gas to kill another 20 million people was found stored up at the end of the war. Who made a profit by producing this insane amount of poison? Who did Hitler have in mind as a target? The fourth-dimension is where drug addicts go on their drug induced "trips" in their search for inspiration. There is an urge in mankind to walk on the dark side.

The spiritual plants flowering in this fourth-dimension have poisoned roots.

Baptized and Confirmed: Your Lifeline to Heaven

That will happen during the great Tribulation. This whole dimension is bound up in time. God is not interested in weighing up good deeds against bad deeds because good deeds cannot erase sin. Noah was a good man before the Flood but that did not stop him getting drunk. So even the best of us have evil weaknesses. So God uses the fourth-dimension, a dimension of the human spirit and demonology, as a region to imprison the spirits of dead people once they have died.

This fourth-dimension is the regions of the lost where ghosts of dead people wait for judgement day. Death is when the spirit leaves the body. We then call this disembodied spirit a ghost. So a ghost is the spirit of a dead person, outside the body. As a ghost we travel through the "wall" of time that separates the natural and the spiritual.