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It was a crazy race, with many safety cars. However, somehow, we always seemed to have the right instinct and came away with a great result.

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This event was awesome. The Japanese fans are really enthusiastic and friendly. It was great fun. Now it is time to celebrate my birthday. It was really wild out there at times.

Second Place.

Compared to yesterday, we improved dramatically. The race was great fun and we battled hard. We met for the first time in Fuji this week, and soon gelled. We will take a lot of great memories away with us. Thank you very much, guys. But seriously, I really enjoyed that race. It is not easy to transport three cars to Japan and get them ready to race.

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The car was very good over the full race distance today. I received a few nudges from the opposition, with the last one in particular causing some serious damage to my car.

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It was an eventful race. However, I was able to stay clear of all the problems and took my chances. The pace was good. I could hardly be happier.

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  8. Let me explain:. In order for you to be in 1st place by passing the person in 2nd, the person in 1st would have to be second which is impossible if you are the one in 2nd place. Caldirun says March 13, Chloe says June 21, Rod says September 9, This is incorrect because of the wording if you passed passed tense the person in second place present tense you are in First place.


    Now if the question was you passed the person who was in Second place then you would be in second place. Sudhanshu says September 15, Sam Killawee says November 26, Get Riddles By Email! Passing Second in a Race If you are running in a race and pass the person in second place, what position are you in?

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